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Omega Quintet + All DLCs Free Download
Action role-playing Game



Omega Quintet + All DLCs Free Download is a unique Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) that combines the world of idols and traditional RPG elements. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity is under constant threat from a mysterious entity known as the “Beep.” In Omega Quintet, players take on the role of the manager of a group of singing idols who possess magical powers and are humanity’s last hope against the Beep.

Omega Quintet + All DLCs Free Download

The game features a captivating storyline that explores the challenges faced by the idols as they balance their personal lives with their duty to protect humanity. Players will engage in turn-based battles using a combination of physical attacks and magical abilities, strategically managing their resources to overcome powerful enemies. The game also includes a deep customization system, allowing players to create unique looks and abilities for each idol Also likeASSETTO CORSA FREE DOWNLOAD

Omega Quintet + All DLC Repack  offers additional content that enhances the gameplay experience. The DLCs include new costumes, items, and missions, providing players with even more options for customizing their idols and expanding the game’s overall content. With the DLCs, players can further delve into the world of Omega Quintet and uncover additional secrets and challenges.

Short Features:

  • Unique fusion of idol culture and RPG gameplay.
  • Engaging storyline with a post-apocalyptic setting.
  • Turn-based battles with a mix of physical and magical attacks.
  • Deep customization options for creating unique idols.
  • Multiple difficulty levels to cater to different player preferences.
  • Extensive DLC content, including costumes, items, and missions.
  • Beautifully designed characters and environments.
  • Strategic resource management in battles.
  • Challenging boss battles that require careful planning.
  • Unlockable achievements and secrets to discover.

Omega Quintet + All DLCs Free Download

System Requirements:


  • OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-3550 or equivalent
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or equivalent
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 15 GB available space

How to Install:

  • Ensure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements mentioned above.
  • Locate the downloaded files and extract them if necessary.
  • Run the installer file and follow the on-screen instructions to begin the installation process of OMEGA QUINTET + ALL DLCS Latest Version
  • Once the installation is complete, launch the game from the designated shortcut or the game’s executable file.
  • If prompted, enter any required activation keys or login credentials.
  • Customize your game settings, such as resolution and graphics options, according to your preferences.
  • Start playing Omega Quintet + All DLCs Full Version and enjoy the immersive idol RPG experience along with the additional DLC content.

Genres/Tags: RPG, Third-person, 3D, Japanese
Companies: Compile Heart / Ghostlight
Languages: ENG
Original Size: 8.3 GB
Repack Size: 4.1 GB

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